Welcome to MailFed

Good Email. Better Delivery. Best Response.

99.9% Uptime Reliability

Our architecture and high-performance email infrastructure deliver unmatched uptime and resilience.

Cloud Based

Send from anywhere to anywhere across globe.

Optimized + Scalable

Startup to Enterprise within minutes.


Forever Free Account

Send 5000 emails every month for free. No credit card required.

Drag & Drop Designer

Create beautiful and responsive templates easily and quickly.

Custom Tags

Personalize each email according to the subscribers.

TWIG Template Engine

Compose emails based on conditions and automate the workflow.

Free Templates

Dozens of prebuilt templates available for your disposal.


Have properly configured SPF, DKIM and rDNS for authorization and deliverability.


Email transmission channel is TLS 128 bit encrypted.

Multiple SMTPs

Have any number of SMTPs with dedicated IPs as much as you want.


Forever Free

  • $0.00/mo

  • 5000 Emails

  • Shared IPs

Alpha - 10K

  • $6/mo

  • 10,000 Emails

  • Shared IPs

BETA - 25K

  • $13/mo

  • 25,000 Emails

  • Shared IPs


  • $26/mo

  • 50,000 Emails

  • Shared IPs

DELTA - 100K

  • $51/mo

  • 1,00,000 Emails

  • Shared IPs

Our Customers

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